Quiz One

According to the book, moving forward and involving in decolonization concerns acknowledging historical and perpetual problems that affect indigenous women. The text recognizes the way colonization has disrupted as well as negatively affected the identities together with places that indigenous women occupied in their community and culture (Anderson, 2016, p.12). People should try to understand Indigenous women as persons who have suffered a lot but still resilient as they show that they have continuously challenged the humiliation of colonization. Much of that involvement and fight concerns eliminating the portrayals of indigenous women that have been involved in violence as well as marginalization (Anderson, 2016, p.12). According to Anderson, she tried to express the vision she has on the society where everyone has a place, a gift of bringing ass well as a sense of value (2016, p.13). Besides, she argues that putting forward a positive message involving the identity of indigenous women is a complicated process of reconstruction as well as reclamation. The traditional medical wheel diagram (Resist, Reclaim, Act, and Construct diagram), concerns elements that Anderson illustrates as part of the process of identity reconstruction. The process involves, resisting negative definition of human beings, constructing a positive identity and reclaiming Aboriginal tradition (Anderson, 2016, p.15). Pamela George and Dawn Crey suffered since they were indigenous women, a look which eventually leads to their death.

Quiz Two

Spatialized justice means the unjust and partial way in which the case of the murder of Pamela George was handled (Razack, 2000, p. 91). The killing of the woman from Saulteaux nation in Regina and conviction that subsequently followed of the two white men who were involved in the execution for manslaughter is what is discussed as "spatialized justice," as it was not fairly done (Razack, 2000, p. 96). According to the author, identity about space was a factor during the trial as the victim was taken to belong to a zone of violence while the accused individuals as foreign to space, therefore, less culpable (Razack, 2000, p. 96). The two white men grew up in popular cities, they were from university, and they had come to enjoy themselves in Stroll (Razack, 2000, p. 95). The author employs an unmapping method to support the arguments, that by denaturing the spaces together with persons in the trial, an individual may expose the exact nature of violence as well as hierarchies that are present in the case (Razack, 2000, p. 96). The influence of colonization and the individual's accountability for the position of somebody in history is as well illustrated in the text above (Razack, 2000, p. 93). The book, therefore, explains how race, indigeneity, class, and gender is playing a role in the case of the murder of Pamela, which contributed to favor of the two male, white, as well as wealthy individuals who were the victims in the case of Pamela.

Quiz Three

The men who were convicted with Pamela's manslaughter were given a light sentence (Razack, 2000, p. 96). The article illustrates the gender racial violence and colonization of Aboriginal citizens, which is in progress (Razack, 2000, p. 96). The two white men who went to engage in prostitution are not held accountable after ferocity that takes place in the spaces and on individuals. The text illustrates how the connection between justice, space, and bodies in the regions occupied by racial Others and areas of prostitution are taken as spaces where universal truth is non-operational (Razack, 2000, p. 96). Such violation is constitutionally supported and therefore illustrating why such evil keeps on taking place when conducted by white men and white settler communities (Razack, 2000, p. 96). Stacey experienced spatialized justice in her school when it came to the treatment of the white and the racial Others. The whites were given quick services as compared to other races. People from different racial alignment were harshly judged when they found themselves in a case with a white person. According to the illustration, the white race was taken as superior to others. Besides, the community in the institution were a times gender bias as when dealing with a male and a female student who is involved in a problem; the former is likely to be treated well. Such occurrences were also experienced where other events were conducted in school were they, in a way, discriminated racial others and female gather.