The first section of Article 2 of the US constitution states that “the Executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America” ( All the executive powers of the president are not expressed in this Article, although it implies that the President of the United States may issue an executive order to direct any federal function. In case of striking airline pilots, I would invoke the Article to direct all the pilots to get back to their work stations in the shortest time possible. I will facilitate this by further ordering the chief of operations in civil aviation to address the issues that precipitated the strike.

After notified of the industrial action, I would immediately call for a press briefing to announce the presidential order. I would communicate through my press secretary the need to have all media outlets represented in the briefing to ensure that the message goes far and wide.  I would then follow the national protocol of documenting executive orders by entering this pronunciation in the Federal Register for future reference.

In the implementation of the executive order, I would use my powers to establish any mechanism that is required in fulfilling my directive. In particular, I would ask the civil aviation chief of operations to report directly to me on the progress of strike’s resolution. I would also require them to find the root cause of the strike and institute corrective action to prevent further recurrence of the problem. As the president of the US, I will also ask to be furnished with a report detailing the national and/or diplomatic impacts of the strike and any plan to control the damage caused.