Race and class in the US has led to the development of a culture that is only unique to the country. The exposure that Americans get from the exposure of living with people from different cultural background has increased the American experience. According to Taylor the interaction among people with different cultural background leads to rich culture that adds value to the lives of the Americans.[1] Additionally, the class relations have intensified as students learn from each other with regards to social interaction; in the process, students are able emulate some behaviors from each other. Unfortunately, there are high chances of student engaging in unfavorable behaviors learnt from each other.

            Notably, the association between the different races that make up the American population has led to racial tolerance.[2] There are numerous countries especially in Europe where people from different races exist in constant rivalry which has reduced the quality of their interaction as the tension prevents the existence of meaningful relationships. Fortunately, in a majority of states in America people with different racial backgrounds exist harmoniously and have developed relationships that strengthen the bond among them. In school environment, students have friendly relationships with each other irrespective of their races; this includes members of the faculty and issues of racial intolerance are quite few.

            My race has impacted me both positively and negatively. First I have developed a deep understanding of people who are different. The history, social, and psychology classes I take have enabled me to have a different perspective of what each race went through to get where they are at the moment. Additionally, the concept of racial discrimination has become inconsequential to me as I in understanding that we are all Americans enjoying the freedoms and protections provided by the constitution. In addition, i have discovered through the interaction with people from my race as well as from other races that there is no superior race.

            Negative impacts of being in my race are the stereotypes. There is a mentality associated with a specific race and people expect one to behave according to the stereotype.[3] In the process, I have found myself in situations that force me to act as it is expected from my race. Such situations are quite overwhelming as I hate to act in a way that people will feel is normal for a person in my race. In essence, the stereotype is an issue that requires the attention of stakeholders as it can only be abolished if everyone is actively involved in the measures taken.

            To improve racial/class relations the current social studies in the main curricula ought to be strengthened with class exchanges. Students from different racial backgrounds should be put together especially in states that predominantly have a particular race. The exchanges should be done once or twice a year which would give Americans the opportunity of embracing tolerance from a young age. In the process, the children will grow up with the knowledge of handling people from different racial backgrounds effectively. Additionally, the issue of stereotypes is extremely damaging to the image of races. Irrespective of the existence of positive stereotyping, the negative stereotypes are overwhelming; in the process, people tend to look at the negative aspects of the race. Therefore, if there was a way of reducing stereotypes or eliminating completely, the relationships between people of different races would improve. Interestingly, racial conflict is majorly as a result of misunderstanding of the historic social injustices; therefore, history classes should assert the importance of existing harmoniously as all individuals irrespective of their race have a right to be in America and live peacefully.