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Dear Sir/Madam,

            I am writing today to assert the importance of embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part and parcel of the marketing strategy. CSR is an essential strategy that numerous business organizations are using to ensure their businesses have a great relationship with the clients, the environment, the clients, the employees, and all the stakeholders who have a direct and indirect association with the organization. In the process, the organizations are reaping immense benefits as clients are offered services and products of high quality.

However, my focus is not on the entire strategy but its demands about employees. Research and studies have indicated that employees with high job satisfaction levels are an asset that increases business by attracting more clients to the company. Unfortunately, numerous companies fail to understand how to improve the job satisfaction levels and wind up with disgruntled employees. Therefore I am writing this letter to specifically create awareness of how to improve job satisfaction levels in employees which will enhance service provision especially since the organization is in the hospitality industry. With the stiff competition in the hospitality industry, the organization is required to find a competitive advantage with which it will retain its position as well as surviving the entry of new players in the industry.

One of the ways the organization would improve job satisfaction levels among the employees is using a leadership style that makes the employees feel like part of the organization. Irrespective of the business having a defined leadership style, the management team at the branch could be flexible and accommodate the employees, especially in the decision making process. Through this way, the employees will be accountable as they feel like part of the family and thus increase a sense of responsibility. In the end, the organization will end up with employees who work under minimum supervision which will give the management team time to focus on other matters in the company. Furthermore, the employees will play a vital role in finding solutions to challenges as they handle their responsibilities. It is therefore of absolute importance to allow employees feel like part of the organization.

Another way of improving satisfaction levels among employees is honoring their employment contract. There are numerous provisions in the employee contracts that are meant to ensure the interests of the employee are protected; therefore, following these requirements to the letter will ensure they are in the right mindset to offer services. Some of the provisions in the contracts are financial benefits and day offs; however, there are additional benefits that the company could give the employees. Bonuses and rewards are an example of such gifts that have a high possibility of improving the morale of the employees.

Additionally, the organization should provide a suitable working environment both physically and psychologically. Physically, the workplace should be well aired and with the necessary equipment to enable the workers to complete their responsibilities efficiently. Psychologically, the relationships at the workplace should foster initiative among the employees and encourage teamwork. Through this way, the employees will have improved morale and as their efforts will be appreciated when they are implemented. Notably, with increased employee participation, the organization will collect data that will be essential in having a deeper understanding of the target market.

The relationship between the employees and the management team is of the essence of the harmonious relationship required at the workplace. Therefore, through the leadership style and a friendly environment, the organization should find ways that would increase the chances of a harmonious relationship. Once this is accomplished, there will be adequate communication between the two entities which will be of the essence to the growth and development of the organization. Furthermore, the free flow of information increases chances of noting a problem and finding a solution promptly.

With employees with high levels of job satisfaction the clients and the organization are exposed to employees who are willing to work under minimum supervision, are accountable and initiative, are relaxed, and ready to work. The benefits will have future effects where the clients will come back as a result of the treatment they got from the organization. In this instance, CSR ensures the company focuses on the employees first as they are the direct link between the organization and their market. Additionally, focusing on the employees first and then the profits improve business as the business acquires return clients. Also, the organization will have low turnover levels as the employees will appreciate their jobs.

Ultimately, CSR is a strategy that allows the business to focus on other factors first and making profits secondly. In the hospitality industry, the treatment of the clients is crucial to the company as it defines whether or not the clients will come back. Therefore, ensuring the employees are in right mindset to give the best service possible is of the essence to the survival of the business. Guaranteeing the employees get their financial benefits such as paid overtime, paid day offs, and extra bonuses such as rewards from the organization will increase the morale of the employees which is a fundamental factor to the high job satisfaction levels. With employees that are eager to work the organization has a high chance of finding more clients as well as having an in-depth understanding of their target market.