Frequently Asked Questions

Our services cover all stages of academic writing, editing, formatting. Whatever academic writing needs you may need we can deliver exactly that. we can help you with any type of college writing projects, including essays, lab reports, case studies and Power Point presentations the list is endless.

We fully understand your needs and that is why we require that each of our writers pass a rigorous selection and qualification process before we trust them with writing your projects. We assign your work to the writer with the most extensive educational and writing background in the respective field of the academic study.

  • Placing an order on Essay Grads only takes a few seconds and your paper is ready to be written. To place an order you can either create a free account or place the order directly if you don't have an account.
  • Click on the "Place Order" or "New Order" (if you already have an account | IN-APP) and fill in the form with the appropiate information regarding your paper. After placing an order you can decide to pay immediately or pay some time later.
  • Incase you placed an order outside-app, you will recieve an email (from the email you privided while placing the order) containing your order information and an activation link to confirm your email address.
  • After paying for your order it will be assigned to the appropriate writer. The writer submits the order after completion, the editor proof-checks for grammartical errors befor the order is finally handed over to you for download. Incase of errors you can always return the order for revisons Check out our Revision Plolicies NOTE: YOU CANNOT PLACE AN ORDER OUTSIDE-APP IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ACCOUNT

Our transactions are fully secure. We use the lastest industry standards to make sure you process your payments safely. We Accept Visa & Mater Card as our payment method.

You can also post your paper by email. Send your paper details to our official mail; and indicate your price. We are always online and ready to serve you.

If you do not like what the writer has submitted, kindly reach out to our support via LIVE CHAT. Our editor will go through the assignment instructions and the written paper, and if the fault is found on our side, we will reassign the order at no extra charge. If the submission deadline provided by the college or university does not allow us redo the work, we will refund you the full amount paid. However, we have some highly experienced writers who can complete ten pages in 5 hours. They can be assigned to the task. It is unlikely to get disappointed with our writing service.

You can assign us your online classes when you are too busy with non-school related issues. Simply leave a request with the appropriate information.

The answers that we provide can only be used as a reference or even a tutoring aid as they are like reviewing answers to past exam papers during the exam preparation period. Therefore, in case you submit the answers that we provide as your own, you might end up committing academic dishonesty hence facing your institution’s academic disciplinary unit.

Communication with your writer is important for the successful completion of your projects. We have developed a unique and easy to use messaging system where you can communicate with your writer, where you can repost your instructions for clarifiction, submit additional files and requirements, etc. If you have any questions you can contact our customer service anytime day of night.

Coupon codes are sent directly to your email on request. To use the coupon code, copy and paste the whole code in the Coupon code input on the order page. Alternatively you can get your Coupon Code in your account.

Our site conforms to DMCA 512C thus we do not submit plagiarized work. Our work is written completely from scratch and answers the questions asked. Posting the work provided by our site on other sites without our consent is completely prohibited.

Your paper is assigned to the best available writer immediately you place your order, hence we deliver quality and timely work.